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App Store Optimization and SEO

App Store Optimizationimac-apple-mockup-app-38544 (ASO or app store SEO) is the process of optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in an app’s store. If you are an app developer, or planning to develop an app, then this is something you need to look into. When an apps ranks good in the search results of store, it will be more visible for your end users. This visibility will convert into more downloads and generating good revenue for you. The Google play store has around a million of apps in it and windows apps store has around one fifth of a million apps. Obviously these numbers are very huge and it is not an easy task to get your apps noticed in search results. As more and more apps are being developed every day, app store optimization is getting more difficult.


Good App developers gives equal emphasis on apps store optimization (ASO), which also called apps marketing services. Once the mobile apps are ready you need to release them in multiple online application stores like Google Play Store, iTunes Stores etc. This is your first step towards App marketing. Now your mobile apps should be visible when people search in the store. This is a biggest and challenging task since the app store contains thousands of applications. Everyday new and new apps hitting the store make app store optimization very tough and competitive. But using a proper Apple App Store Optimization technique you can make your apps to be noticed in the store. Here are useful tips and techniques for App Store Optimization.


Title Description


Give a suitable, niche and meaningful name for your product. The name should have one or more different and related keywords in it. Let us consider an example that you have developed android apps for English to Kannada language translator. People visiting the mobile app store will search with keywords like Kannada to English, Kannada English translator, Kannada to English conversion etc. Now you can notice the keywords to be included in the apps name.




Icon of a mobile application is an important aspect when it comes to apps marketing and optimization. A catchy ICON grabs the people attention resulting in good number of downloads. The ICON should be depictive of the application.pexels-photo-2 For illustration, English to Kannada Language translator can have the apps ICON with Kannada font. This attracts people to a great extent.


User Experience

There is one saying “A satisfied customer will be a marketer for you”. This applies here also. Give good user experience in your apps. Provide good features required by the people. Study your competitors. Give regular update to users with new features. This makes the end users happy and makes them to suggest your mobile apps for more and more people.




By concentrating on these elements and continuously working on it, you can make your apps to standout among others in the pool. Apple App Store Optimization is becoming increasingly popular nowadays and that is why it has been challenging for many newcomers. Remember one thing; ASO is not a job of few days or weeks. It is an ongoing process and you need to work on it constantly and consistently.

New Features of Adobe Creative Cloud 2016


Adobe Creative Cloud is a software application that has all the apps for any user of computers or mobile phones that wants to make creative things on their device. It provides one with the access to a number of things such as cloud storage space, different sharing options, syncing of numerous files and notifications of any new updates.

Adobe Creative Cloud is very helpful for photography, web designs and development, graphic design and illustrations, editing videos and cloud service. Adobe Creative Cloud has existed since 2011 but has been updated almost every year to fit with the latest technology. One can get these updates from the Creative Cloud app or by simply visiting the Adobe website to check for new updates.

What is new about Adobe Creative Cloud

The New Features of Adobe Creative Cloud 2016 are simply tremendous as they tend to fill all the gaps that were there from the previous versions. They include the following;


Premiere Pro CC 2016

There are number of changes that have been made to this that allow one to easily switch from native footage indoors then to proxies while out on a single project even though one is using many devices. Normally one would be expected to transfer the data first then change but with this new feature, the switch is quite simple.creative-cloud-apps

Moreover, the performance of computers such as Mac and those using Windows has also improved with the new features that support the Apple language for Macs and the H264 hardware for the less powerful computers.

There is also an additional color toolset that corrects the colors displayed and is able to change the different colors using HSL secondaries.


After Effects CC 2016

This new feature enables one to get feedback from both the video and audio systems. This enables one to know of any changes that they make and save them appropriately. To add onto that, the new color effects added to this enable the graphics card to make previews and final copies of the work faster than ever before.

Character Animator CC 2016

If you are a fan of cartoons and animations, then this new feature will do you good. It tends to bring life to the characters by making the less of robots and more of real characters. It does this using alternative animation versions that previously existed. To make it even better, it can export animations made to Adobe Media Encoder directly without needing a medium.

Adobe Audition CC 2016

This new feature comes with an extraordinary sound panel that is quite easy to use if for those who do not have the necessary skills in sound management. It is so easy that one is able to balance volume levels, make audios clearer and fix all sound related issues.

Adobe Stock Video

This is one of the best new features for Adobe Creative Cloud that cares for all the needs of photographers and video lovers. This is because it allows people to get photos and videos from other applications and can use them. For instance, one can search for footages and images that are taken elsewhere, license them then use them later to give an impression like they were truly there.


All in all, the New Features of Adobe Creative Cloud 2016 have been received well although many people are unaware of them since they were recently released. However, they clearly prove that better things are going to come from Adobe.



New Features of Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5

There is little that one cannot achieve in the world of photo editing, especially not with Adobe Photoshop that is constantly refining its features so that enhancing images is made easier. One of the best graphic editors in the market, Adobe Photoshop has made editing images for those in the photography industry a walk in the park.

But better still is the fact that the brains behind this software are always aiming at constant improvement, which is why every new release of adobe Photoshop is always better than the last. It might have completely new features or have features of previous versions enhanced, but it always is better than the previous one. Here are some of the new features of Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5, the latest release from Photoshop.

1. You can adjust facial features

You could be thinking: but all other versions of Photoshop could mighty well do this. That is true, but none of them can do it the way this latest release of Photoshop does. The feature that helps you do this is referred to as Face- Aware Liquefy. It successfully identifies facial features like the mouth, ears and eyes, and you can edit them in any way you wish. Only your imagination can limit you with this feature: there is simply so much you can do to enhance facial features. This feature is ideal for editing caricatures and portraits.

2. Select and Mask Workspace

Another magical feature of this latest release of Adobe Photoshop is the Refine Edge Brush. With it, you can clearly separate the foreground from the background, so that a particular background does not ruin that perfect photo or image you took. It is one of the most enticing features that this version of Photoshop comes with.

3. 3- D printing

Finding a graphics editor that can print 3- D images is anything but easy, but this version of Photoshop has made this possible. Previous versions of Adobe Photoshop had this feature but it has been greatly enhanced in this release. You can print models in 3 D as 3 D Manufacturing Format.


4. Creative Cloud Libraries

One of the most lucrative new features of Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5 is the fact that you share your assets through creative cloud libraries. As long as other members of your team have creative cloud accounts, sharing your library is as easy as can be. Even better is the fact that you get to limit what people can do with your assets. For instance, you can prevent them from altering or deleting those assets.

5. Oil Paint Filter

With Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5, you can change your images to look like oil paintings. Oil paintings are revered as a mark of a talented artist, a label that you can give yourself by using this version of Photoshop. The oil paintings are nothing if not classic.


The new features of Adobe Photoshop make it a must have for anyone who intends to make perfect photographs. You would be hard put to find an effect that this software cannot achieve, so go ahead and get yourself this wonderworking image editor.

Content Creation for SEO: How to Create Great Content for SEO

Notebook with Tools and Notes About Content Marketing

all there is a lot of information available online. On the contrary, content remains the focal point of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Great content will not only sell to the public better, but also persuade possible clients to buy goods and services. Great Content Creation for SEO, therefore, is a must. How then do you create great content for SEO?

Keyword research

Knowing keyword phrases that possible clients use to search for products and services you offer is the first step towards great content creation for SEO. Keyword research is a well calculated exercise that involves in-depth analysis of searching trends and behaviors of online users. It helps you to come up with phrases that you’ll use later to optimize your content for search engines. Since the exercise involves technical analysis, it will be good to leave it to SEO experts. SEO experts use sophisticated tools to identify keyword phrases that your target audience normally searches for products and services you offer.

Keyword Optimization


Once you’ve identified keyword phrases, it’s time to optimize them. You now need to know how and where to place them. It is recommended that your keyword phrases fit in naturally to avoid being banned. Google tries to develop ways to identify content that has keywords thrown anywhere so as to punish the mother website. The reason behind that is that Google wants to offer quality content to its users.

Another thing about keyword optimization is about the number of times the keyword appears. The keyword you are using shouldn’t appear more than it should. Content that contains the same keyword appearing many times is likely to be banned by Google.

Finally, it is important to use related keywords so as to reach as many people as possible. This is where
keyword research experts play an important role. During research, the experts search for alternative keywords that possible clients use when they are not able to find what they are looking for. Placing these keywords together with primary keywords can be a big advantage to your content.


Keyword research and keyword optimization are not enough. You need to draft content that adds value to the user. Even if you are promoting your products and services, you should do so by
solving problems that your potential clients face. Persuading clients to buy is your long-term objective, but to do so you must be their friend. Take your time to research on challenges that your potential clients face and try to offer solutions. This means that you shouldn’t be overly promotional with your content, but rather you should take a professional approach. Overly promotional content don’t get better ratings from search engines. Promotional content, also, can chase clients away since it doesn’t address their problems.


Using the proper language to communicate with your target audience is something you must never ignore. You need to find the correct language to use to talk with your prospective clients. The language you use is what will determine whether your content will be read in full or not. The best language approach to take is the conversational style. Make your target audience feel at home when reading your content. Try to put yourself in your audience’s shoes to know how it will feel about various phrases, comments and conclusions. Some comments can be offensive to your audience, which can chase away potential customers even before they finish reading your content.

In addition, use simple language when writing your content. Do not use difficult words to explain a concept. Try to use words that even a small kid can understand. A good content is not the one that uses difficult language, but rather the one that can be understood by everyone. Before positing your content online, it’s good to go through it to ensure that the language used is simple, friendly and acceptable by all.


It’s hard to talk about Content Creation for SEO without touching on organization. The organization of your content plays a critical part in search engines ranking. Organization of your content attracts and persuades your clients, too. Ensure that you place tittles where they should be, use the right font type and size and insert picture and graphics where they are fit. Such simple things can go a long way in enhancing your position on search engines.

Content Creation for SEO is surely an art. It must be planned and executed properly. Remember, content is king. The above tips can help you create great content for SEO. If you are not able, though, it can be good to outsource for a good writing service.

Understanding Childrens Learning Disabilities

What Childrens Learning Disabilities  Are

If you have ever read with your child and noticed that he / she cannot recall a word you encountered on previous pages, the child may be suffering from learning disabilities. The disabilities manifest through the childrens inability to spell. The child may also skip lines or misread words. The children also experience difficulties with phonics and sounds and usually have problems with recalling spelling words as well as visualization. This type of disability affects the child on all education levels.

Spelling disabilities in children may be classified into two:


Use of words to pronounce a word is what is referred to as phonics. It aids in pronunciation as when one encounters a word they are not familiar with, he uses phonics in an attempt to figure it out through sounding it. Even adults do that all the time.


For better reading, use of sight words is applied. For children to read well, they need to have a
sensible sight words array to help them in instant recognition of words. Unfortunately, childrens learning disabilities make them poor at spelling and so they have limited collection of sight words to recall when they need to read.

Causes of Learning Disabilities

It is not a secret that many children and especially adolescents deal with childrens learning disabilities. Let us not put the blame on teaching techniques or even the water they consume. There are higher chances that the causes of these type of disabilities have so much to do with television adverts, the Internet and television programs. In the past, parents or teachers read books to children or listened to plays on the radio. This encouraged visualization as they had to visualize the scenes in their mind. Nowadays, they just watch as all the visualization is already done for them.

Minor cases of learning disabilities in a child may become a major problem depending on the method applied in solving the issue. Parents try different methods to help their child and although they mean well, they may end up using ineffective remedies. There are tutors, teachers and health practitioners who offer various treatment options. However, every parent should be careful to opt for the best treatment for his child because not all of them are true and effective. Some of them unfortunately heightens their struggle and agony and magnifies their feeling of disability.

How to Deal with Learning Disabilities in Children

1. Learning disabilities in children can

be dealt with by adding considerable number of sight words to the list. This will help them to read fluently.

2. Visualization to enhance visual

memory. Encourage a child with these problems to visualize so that they can learn as many sight words as possible. A great strategy is to practice reading for your child and having him listen to plays on the radio to help with improved visualization. On the same note, reduce their TV watching time for TV is a good recipe for learning disabilities disaster.

3. Eating proper diet

that does not contain chemicals or foods that a child reacts to leading to attention deficit

4. Having the childs vision checked

Most parents tend to think that if their child can see, their vision is good enough. This makes vision one of the highly overlooked examination areas. To be sure and certain that the vision is ok, just engage in the affordable and easy test. It might be the ultimate solution for your child living with childrens disabilities.

5.Training the right visual skills

If the problem is to do with misreading words or skipping lines, the eye movements are trained to enhance effective ability to move across the page being read for more fluid reading. If it is all about remembering spelling for words, the child is trained through visualization to improve visual memory to aid in recalling spelling words.

6. Vision therapy

Children with learning disabilities have the ability to see but have learning difficulties. They need to be trained on important skills to help them deal with these difficulties. Eye coordination, eye movements, visual memory, sequencing, reversals left-right awareness

This means that the way to deal with childrens learning disabilities is to encourage visualization, use the sight word lists skill, proper diet, vision test, training visual skills and vision therapy. Now you know what childrens learning disabilities mean.

Future of Mobile Devices


The technology world is a quick moving one: it generally has been and it likely dependably will be. So when we discuss the potential for totally adaptable gadgets later on, we don’t as a matter of course mean fifty years down the line. It wasn’t that long back that eReaders burst on to the scene, porting tons of books to advanced organization and permitting substantial perusers to convey their whole bookshelves with them in a pocket-sized (well, expansive pocket) gadget. Prior to that we had the development of music onto MP3 players and before that the cell telephone expelled the requirement for a paper based location book. The following stride in the proceeding with move to computerized media is more subtle to the normal individual yet it could be the greatest thing yet.

Adaptability and Portability of Mobile Devices

The purpose behind eReader and mp3 players was to give customers more versatility. Rather than trucking around a determination of books and being constrained to a decision of a couple CD’s, individuals could convey everything in their sack; occasion perusing is simple now, it doesn’t need to be a slender paper back any more The following stride, along these lines, is without a doubt more noteworthy adaptability. While organizations are creating adaptable conventional presentations, these don’t give the same level of adaptability as natural gadgets do and, conceivable all the more imperatively, regardless they devour a ton of power.

Initial, a touch of foundation. Natural hardware is the utilization of conductive polymers and little atoms rather than inorganic silicon and different materials. The utilization of these carbon based materials implies lighter, more adaptable and less expensive gadgets can be made than utilizing conventional inorganic techniques. One of the uses of natural gadgets is the generation of totally adaptable showcases.

What this implies for what’s to come is the creation of exceptionally adaptable gadgets that expend small measures of force and are not harming to your eyes. Starting yet, natural electronic screens are only that: screens that can be appended to gadgets controlled by conventional inorganic strategies. Propels in atomic figuring, nonetheless, could prompt the advancement of totally natural gadgets that can be flexed voluntarily and could even respond to their surroundings much like a human would.

One thing that natural hardware holds as favorable position over customary strategies is the measure of space taken up: plastic electronic screens require no backdrop illumination capacities and need batteries far littler in size and ability. With super PCs and servers, for example, Google’s taking up gigantic structures, the possibility to putting away this data in a much littler region is energizing.

Natural gadgets still has an approach to have the capacity to contend with the best customary screens with regards to definition and video abilities yet as the adjustment to shading appears, they are progressing at a quick rate. Totally adaptable screens can offer individuals gadgets that will be significantly more hard to wreck, lessening both the expense of cell phones and the effect they have on the planet. Carbon based screen innovation is taking a leaf out of nature in its outline and delivering something that no measure of silicon can duplicate.

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